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Joy Global

… But I recently made an exception to my commodity-sector aversion when I purchased shares in Joy Global Inc. Joy is a Milwaukee-based company that makes high-productivity mining equipment.

Oct, 14, 2012

Scorecard #5 – Birdy Num Nums

… Markets will forever continue to oscillate between the extremes of panic and greed. The common thread is that at both extremes, most people ignore valuations to their peril and become transfixed with stock price movements. It has happened for centuries and will continue to as it is simply in our nature.

Oct, 10, 2012

Home Capital

… Many people fear the Canadian housing market is doomed to crash – and those fears are reflected in the stock price of Home Capital Group Inc., Canada’s largest non-traditional mortgage lender.

Aug, 08, 2012

Scorecard #1 – My Painting

… The GreensKeeper Value Fund is my painting. I will have the bulk of my family’s capital invested alongside my clients. I am truly blessed to be able to wake up in the morning and do what I love to do for a living. I will do my very best to deliver the returns that you deserve on your hard-earned savings.

Oct, 28, 2011