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We find investing endlessly fascinating and we share our point of view in our quarterly newsletters - The Scorecard

Join the 500+ others who receive our free quarterly newsletter – “The Scorecard”.   Reading a few of our newsletters is the best way to get to know us and see if GreensKeeper is a good fit for you.  We suggest Scorecard #1 and the most recent edition and as the best places to start.

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... We were inspired to write about Inc. after reading a recent article in The Globe and Mail profiling the stock.
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Scorecard #17 – Avoiding Stupidity

... We were inspired to write about Amazon after reading a recent newspaper article touting the stock. The author acknowledged that the company generates razor-thin profit margins and that the stock trades at a “ridiculously high” price-to-earnings multiple (171x to be exact).
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Scorecard #16 – Do the Right Thing

… Incentives drive behavior and the senior management of any business is responsible for putting the proper incentives in place and defining a company’s culture by setting the tone at the top.
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Scorecard #15 – Noise

… At GreensKeeper, we firmly believe that the short-to-mid-term direction of the markets cannot be successfully predicted with any consistency. Yes, business cable channels will always find a so-called ‘expert’ that made a recent prediction that was spot on.
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Scorecard #14 – Inamatus Corus

… Media stocks remain under pressure these days. It all started back in the fall of 2015 with the selloff in Walt Disney Company’s stock (NYSE:DIS) due to subscriber declines in its ESPN division. The stocks of other media companies quickly followed suit.
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Scorecard #13 – Tug of Wa℞

… Health care is a very personal and sensitive subject. Most nations would prefer all of their citizens to have unlimited access to life saving drugs at reasonable prices. However, countries have limited means.
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Scorecard #12 – The Red Dragon and King Canute

… Plunging markets provide the environment in which the seeds of future capital gains are sown. In a declining market, we acquire more earnings power for each incremental dollar invested. Accordingly, lower prices reduce the riskiness of an investment.
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Scorecard #11 – Coattail Riding

… The implication of the Value Fund’s significantly lower turnover rate is that we tend to hold stocks for long periods of time at GreensKeeper. An investment strategy with a high turnover incurs additional trading expenses and triggers taxable gains
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Express Scripts

... Express Scripts processes 1.4 billion prescriptions a year. It uses its scale to negotiate favourable rates with pharmacies, pharmaceutical manufacturers, drug wholesalers and others in the drug supply chain.
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